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Zeolight ®pro

Zeolight ®pro

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Zeolight Pro: Ultimate IPL and RF Skin Solution

Introducing the Zeolight Pro, a comprehensive beauty system combining Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies. This advanced device is designed for versatile skin treatments, including hair removal, tattoo removal, and skin rejuvenation.

Key Features

  • IPL Technology: Efficiently removes unwanted hair and treats pigmentation, acne, and vascular lesions.
  • RF Technology: Stimulates collagen production, reducing wrinkles and tightening skin.
  • Versatile Applications: Also effective for tattoo removal and cellulite reduction.

Why Choose Zeolight Pro?

The Zeolight Pro provides professional-grade results with minimal discomfort, making it suitable for all skin types. Its dual technology approach ensures comprehensive skin care, addressing multiple concerns in one device.

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The Zeolight ®pro system uses the combined energy technology of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) with intense pulsed light (IPL). Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a technology used to perform various skin care procedures and hair removal. The Zeolight laser system is capable of transmitting energy from 3 to 45 J /cm at different pulse frequencies and at different wavelengths in the visible spectral range. Radio frequency (RF) is one of the most exciting procedures in aesthetics, non-invasive and incredibly effective for all skin colours. With age, collagen production slows by 1.5% per year. The use of radiofrequency waves stimulates the production of elastin. The skin is tightened and rejuvenated.

1. Zeolight /IPL / RF/ - effectively removes all types of hair. In the RF / IPL combination for hair removal, the results are fantastic.

2. Zeolight /Nd: YAG/ - easily removes all types of tattoos; Dark and light, coloured pigments.

3. Zeolight /IPL/ - treatment for the skin with pulsed light. Zeolight effectively removes and treats:

- stretch marks and scars

- vascular lesions

-photo rejuvenation

- pigmentation

- acne

4. Zeolight /RF/ - fantastic results in the treatment of cellulite. Bipolar RF is a powerful stimulator of collagen and elastin production. Tightening the skin of the face and body.


The Zeolight® is a broad spectrum laser. This increases the opportunity for selectivity and allows for deeper dermal penetration. Also, less optical energy is required when combined with bipolar RF. This improves safety and is easily tolerable even by the most sensitive of skin types. With the combination of RF for IPL hair reduction, results are fantastic and pain levels are substantially less than comparable technology. A real bonus when it comes to client care and word of mouth recommendation.


Treatment Principle

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used to perform various skin treatments such as hair removal, photorejuvenation and acne treatment. Zeolight Laser System is able to deliver energies from 3 to 45 J/cm2 at different pulse rates and at different wavelengths in the visible spectral range. The resulting light has a spectral range that targets specific structures and chromophores (e.g. melanin in hair, or oxyhemoglobin in blood vessels) that are heated to destruction and reabsorbed by the body. The Q-Switched laser delivers specific-wavelengths of light extremely quickly (in nano- seconds) at a very high energy. These pulses are selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment, shattering it into tiny fragments small enough for the body to recognize the particles as foreign objects, and over the succeeding several weeks some of particles (in shallow cuticle) are discharged from the body and the rest (in deep tissue) is absorbed and digested by the body's macrophages and removed out of the body by the immune system. Since the specific wavelengths used can only be absorbed by pigment particles, no lasting injury happens to normal skin and normal tissues. Radio Frequency is one of the most exciting treatments in aesthetics, non-invasive and yet incredibly effective for all skin colours. In our early twenties collagen is abundant in our skin; however as we age the production of collagen slows down by as much as 1.5% per year. By the time we reach our forties the level can be reduced by as much as 30%, this is noted in fine lines; dryness and a loss in tone. Using the Radio Frequency waves produced by the Zeolight collagen regeneration is stimulated. Elastin fibres in the skin are also tightened and the overall area is rejuvenated.

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