Aphrodite.Beauty: we take care of your beauty.

A beautiful, vibrant, smooth, wrinkle-free complexion, a sensational figure without a single blemish: these are the pillars of feminine confidence, which is why we feel irresistible.

This is beauty itself.

It is this dazzling beauty that we offer your salon guests. For every beauty challenge, we have a pain-free and complication-free answer - based on technology - one that will only suit you.

Learn about Aphrodite.Beauty's solutions and choose the timeless and radiant beauty that's right for you.

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Aphrodite Beauty

  • RF Lifting

    Amazing results without pain! With Zeolight® RF Lifting, you can easily achieve a bikini line.

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  • Laser Pigment Removal

    The Zeolight® laser effectively removes and treats pigmentation, with a visible difference almost from the first treatment.

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  • The Mite IPL Treatment

    Skin treatment that uses IPL LIGHT technology. By penetrating 4-5 cm below the skin, the IPL light treatment starts to increase collagen levels; recommended for all skin problems.

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