Trend, vagy elvárt a végleges szőrtelenítés?

Permanent hair removal trend or expectation?

In ancient Egypt, both men and women were depilated. In medieval France, apart from the prostitutes, naturalness took centre stage, and a few decades ago the declining West was sunbathing hairless on the beach, while the booming East was sunbathing hairless on Lake Balaton. Is it a trend or an expectation to be hairless even in intimate areas? What are the pros and cons? Let's discuss.

Is it fashionable to be hairy again?

A provocative question, we know, but we have to discuss it, because some people think so and are doing their best to get more of us back to naturalness. For example, on TikTok (which is typically aimed at 15+ year olds), several users are building a large following just by talking from time to time about how they feel comfortable with naturally hairy legs and armpits: and then showing it.

At the same time, there are plenty of people who think that smooth legs, hairless (or form-fitted) intimate areas and underarms are not only attractive, but essential hygiene and (almost) expected in 2022. They are looking for your salon and hair removal solutions.

It's undecided who's right, because it's probably not a debate about the truth. The fact is that nowadays the majority of women are having their (pubic) hair removed and more and more men are also using hair removal solutions.

 A battle of pros and cons

For years, there has been a never-ending battle on every forum between those who are against hair removal and those who are in favour of naturalness. The main argument in favour of hairlessness is that it is not only a natural line of defence, but also protects sensitive areas from, among other things, chafing.

Those in favour of depilation argue that hairy legs and hairy intimate areas are not well groomed, sweat easily and can have unpleasant odours. Hairlessness, on the other hand, is a promise of freedom, hygiene and beauty.

There are plenty of ways to remove hair: razors, waxing, epilation, but many women are looking for a permanent solution, such as pulsed light, for which Zeolight is the perfect solution.

But why get rid of intimate hair "forever"? Or why is it worth using Zeolight to achieve an exciting, attractive, desirable shape? Here are 4 reasons.


4 reasons for permanent hair removal

We've put together 4 reasons for permanent hair removal - reasons you can tell your guests, because they go beyond the "because it's fashionable" argument.

1: There are some areas that are not reached.

Today, it's worth being open about it. There are areas of the body that are flattened by hair, but are not reached, or are very difficult to reach. You may not notice and reach the hairs on the back of the thighs, the buttocks or around the anus: it may be easier and more effective to remove them once and for all than to fight them regularly.

2: Male

Men are a bit more "troublesome" than women. Decades have passed before they too decided to give a damn about (intimate) hygiene. At first they only epilated the chest, then they got rid of the underarm hair (easy for them, they're used to shaving) and lastly they discovered intimate areas, where they shortened or even removed the hair completely. But instead of dangerous (and polluting) disposable razors, more and more people are turning to long-lasting solutions.

3: No skin irritation

No woman or man has ever had a "pop out from underneath", which is uncomfortable because you're scratching it, and it's not aesthetically pleasing. Since removing unwanted hairs causes ingrown hairs, redness, skin irritation and discomfort, a permanent and irritation-free solution is a much better option. Often, waxing and shaving cause painful, irritated, ingrown hairs. Once the hair is gone, the problem of ingrown hairs no longer occurs.

4: Time

If a woman only spends one hour a week "shaving" that's 4 hours a month, 48 hours a year, which is 2 full days. In 20 years, that's 40 days of shaving. Why bother when Zeolight promises a permanent solution?

4+1: Because it's aesthetic

Yes, there's a fifth argument: it's worth choosing permanent hair removal because it's aesthetically pleasing and it's "fashionable" to be hairless.


If you want more customers, or if you want to avoid the constant "it's hairy/it can wait another day/now I don't feel like it/maybe tomorrow/oh, I didn't get it done" thought process, find a salon that does permanent hair removal with Zeolight, or get one.

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