What exactly are wrinkles and what types are they?

What exactly are wrinkles and what types are they?

Even if it's difficult to be so honest, the fact remains that wrinkles are inevitable, part of the aging process. They appear mainly in areas that are exposed to the elements and, although they start as tiny, fine wrinkles, they deepen and multiply over time. Moreover, there is more than one type. Here's everything you need to know about wrinkles.


Wrinkles: there are several types

So far, experts - doctors, dermatologists and beauty professionals alike - only agree that there are different types of wrinkles: they don't agree on exactly what they are and how they can be classified. We have a system, here it is, here are the wrinkle types.


1: Dynamic (and static) wrinkles

You've probably noticed that some wrinkles (typically laugh lines) are only visible in certain situations - we call them dynamic wrinkles - while others are always visible: they're static. The bad news is that dynamic wrinkles can become permanent, static wrinkles over time. Excessive sun exposure and bad lifestyle habits such as smoking can speed up this process.           


2: Wrinkles that indicate ageing

Ageing wrinkles often develop on the face, upper lips and neck. Elastic wrinkles are the result of years of exposure to the sun's UV rays, air pollution, cigarette smoke and other environmental factors that can be sources of oxidative stress. You see, wrinkles that indicate aging can also be dynamic wrinkles or static wrinkles.


3: Compression wrinkles

You may have seen this type of wrinkle on yourself, for example, when you've worn glasses for a long time or when a pillow imprint has appeared on your face. They are a kind of "crease" that disappears during the day, unless it persists for years or is repeated over and over again (for example, someone who has smoked cigarettes for years will have tiny smoking wrinkles on their mouth)


4: Sagging (gravity) wrinkles

You've probably seen an older man or woman who has visibly "stretched" their face and wrinkled their skin, or a lady whose cleavage becomes wrinkled partly due to the weight of her breasts. This is because, as part of the natural ageing process, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin begins to decrease over time, resulting in sagging skin: wrinkles are difficult to counteract.


How to protect yourself against wrinkles?

Although cosmeticians, dermatologists and doctors offer a million tips, solutions and miracle cures (exercises, capsules, lifestyle suggestions), you can't live your life by listening to them all day long: especially because it's common for methods of protection to contradict each other.

The best protection is genetics: if you have "good genetics", wrinkles will appear later. Prevention is also protection: if you try to live a healthy life, if you don't smoke, if you don't over-expose, if you watch your fluid intake and if you protect and care for your skin, you can postpone the appearance of wrinkles for a long time and keep your skin looking radiant and youthful for longer.


Do this if wrinkles appear

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