The bipolar RF treatment

The bipolar RF treatment

Even in ancient times, it was important for women to stop the visible signs of aging and remove wrinkles, although they were mostly expected from shamans, various herbs, or even donkey's milk, but sometimes from the water of life. Today, alongside modern cosmetic products, bipolar RF treatment is also a solution.


Life in the metaverse

When the largest social networking site announced that it was building an alternative reality and world, many people didn't understand the need for it. But if you think about it, we are already living there: sharing particularly well done photos, writing and telling incredible stories while hardly anyone shows their (not necessarily exactly how they live their lives) without filters.

Today, we not only long for youth and a perfect complexion, we do everything we can to achieve it. If nothing else, we put a filter on life.


A survey of the beautiful face

A survey from a few years ago came to a shocking conclusion: women with a 'pretty' face were perceived much more positively than their less pretty counterparts. A large proportion of respondents would hire a woman with a 'pretty' face sooner, would prefer to work with her, would be her neighbour and would be more open to (almost any) relationship, and even gave her more positive qualities without knowing her than a face they did not consider too pretty.

No wonder women strive to look as beautiful as possible, as young as possible, as perfect as possible. Bipolar RF facials do just that, they help to remove wrinkles without pain, needles or any cutting. What's more, there's no need for medical intervention.

The bipolar RF treatment

The treatment works directly under the dermis. The production of collagen (even if it is weakened) and elastin is increased almost immediately and noticeably. The complexion becomes smoother and more beautiful almost before your eyes. Mimic wrinkles can even disappear under the eye area, where the skin is at its thinnest. The effect of the machine is simply to rejuvenate the patient without the need to go to the doctor or see a needle. And best of all, the (visible) results can be maintained for up to 3 years.

It's worth clicking to learn more about the machine or to ask your beauty salon for a treatment because it's effective, simple and offers spectacular results.

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