Eltávolítható a tetoválás?! Zeo Light

Can the tattoo be removed?!

Although not a sudden idea, a survey shows that one third of tattoos are something we would like to get rid of over time. With the Zeolight machine, you can easily remove spoiled, not thought through, tired tattoos painlessly, quickly and without scarring.


Tattoos: for life?

Nobody gets a tattoo to have it removed later, on the contrary: most tattoos are made to be a lasting memory. Over time, life changes and a tattoo that you thought was important suddenly becomes a bad decision and you want to get rid of it. Although it is possible today to get rid of tattoos completely, it is not that easy. Zeolight can help you with that.

Before we tell you how, here are some typical "I want to remove my tattoo" reasons.


Tattoo removal: the reasons

Although tattoos are permanent (if you want them to be), they are no longer "heirlooms": there are several options for tattoo removal. Some people want to plaster it off, others want to have it re-cast, some want to re-think it as part of a larger, more creative tattoo, but the truth is that tattoo removal is the most sensible choice. Here are the top reasons why they ask.


1: It helps you get over it

Many people (even celebrities) want to show their feelings by getting the name of their loved one tattooed on their body, or by getting matching tattoos. It has also been popular for a while to get a wedding ring tattooed on their finger instead of wearing a ring. But, when the relationship ends, removing the tattoo can help you move on.


2: A botched tattoo

We've all seen tattoos that were definitely not done by a professional: for example, a blob on the arm instead of a beautiful picture, or your little girl's face looks nothing like her. In such cases, laser tattoo removal may be the best solution.


3: Social expectation

You probably remember that there were fashion tattoos. For example, tattoos above a girl's bottom (in some circles called quite extreme), which are beautiful and timeless, but no longer compatible with social status. It is common for tattoos like these to be reconsidered eventually.


4: Workplace

Business, the beauty industry and, for example, customer service or government agencies sometimes frown on tattoos and consider them unprofessional. Managers and customers may automatically make wrong assumptions about who has them. Laser removal is also justified in such cases.


Zeolight laser tattoo removal machine

The Zeolight laser tattoo remover shoots out light of a specific wavelength extremely fast (in nanoseconds) with very high energy. These pulses are absorbed by the pigment, causing it to break into tiny particles that are small enough for the body to identify the particles as foreign objects, and over the following few weeks, the tattoo is cleared from the body, removed.

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