4+1 ways to look younger

4+1 ways to look younger

Almost everyone, without exception, longs for - eternal - youth, for a beautiful, wrinkle-free, vibrant and glowing complexion, for the ability to stop the years from passing. And it is with this promise that the beauty industry directs us towards various treatments - even Botox containing neurotoxins - but there are much better solutions. Here.

Why these 4+1?

Restless desire rules the world, and like the Holy Grail, we are looking for the source of youth, but it's right under our noses. In this article, we've collected "youth essences" that are available to everyone and will work for everyone: there's no magic involved and you don't even need to buy special plants or miracle ingredients, you just need to make small changes. Beauty, just naturally.


Sleep well: you'll look ten years younger

You've probably heard it said ad nauseam that getting the right amount of sleep at the right time and at the right quality will make you "beautiful". Bring on the details: you should aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This is difficult, as it assumes you're asleep by 10pm until 6am, but in reality it should be ideal. This way you can avoid dark circles under your eyes that make you look 9-10 years older than your age. Bonus tip: cell regeneration peaks between 10pm and 2am. So you should definitely get some sleep!


Use a humidifier

You've heard countless times about the importance of staying hydrated, and you've probably asked yourself, okay, but what do you do about it? Well, here's an infinitely simple and inexpensive trick: get a humidifier and leave it running at night. It doesn't consume much, some of them will pamper you with different colours, you can put essential oils in it and it raises the humidity in the room: it will help your skin stay more hydrated.


Water, water and water

You know you need to drink water, but you don't know how much or why. Well, it used to be recommended that you drink up to 3-4 litres of water a day (which is why many people sip from a bottle every 5 minutes mindfully) but this is overkill. 2.5 -3 litres of water a day is plenty. You won't put a strain on your kidneys, you won't have to pee three times an hour and you won't have to sip every 5 minutes even if you don't want to. Water hydrates you from the inside and is perfect for replenishing your skin. Just like it's perfect for removing dark circles under your eyes.


Eat less sugar

Sugar is so bad for you, there's even an official term for what it does to your skin: glycation. Without getting too technical, glycation is what happens when you eat too much sugar in your diet. It can weaken the collagen and elastin (the fibres that keep your skin firm and give it youthful elasticity) in your skin. The problem is, there's no such thing as 'enough' or 'maximum' sugar. We're not trying to tell you to eat only 3.24 grams of sugar a day, we're simply pointing out that too much sugar is a cruel indicator of skin ageing.

Watch your make-up

Did you know that makeup matters? There are plenty of makeup products that dry out your skin: powders, for example (he's infinitely ungrateful because they also highlight wrinkles). It's worth paying attention to what makeup products you use and banishing those that dry out your skin.

Face treatments

If you feel that you're not getting a good enough result with the above, there's nothing wrong with trying a wrinkle treatment (you'll start with creams anyway, but most of them won't give you the results you want). We don't recommend botox as it's neurotoxic and temporary, but A-lift pro actually offers the benefits of a facelift, but without the surgery and needles. It nourishes, hydrates, balances and visibly rejuvenates the skin in just 45 minutes.

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